Case Study 01.

Candidate, Major NZ Political Party

Jacques and Bernie really understand the privacy space and addressed all the concerns I had regarding my online presence and privacy and the problems I faced.

Case Study 02.

Managing Partner, VC Firm

Faraday has been fantastic at understanding my problems and challenges. They offered customised solutions, and I rest much better at night feeling confident and safe about my online identity and the interactions I have.

Case Study 03.

Tech Executive, Banking & Finance

I was surprised that some of my accounts, including work accounts weren't as private as I thought they were. Jacques and Bernie also brought up some great points about my LinkedIn profile and gave me some recommendations that I was able to implement right away. I also brought up some of the issues they found to my management.

Faraday made it easier for me to identify gaps in my privacy. They then helped me easily patch those gaps through their privacy recommendations.

I feel a lot more secure and safer about my online presence after the audit.

Case Study 04.

YouTube Content Creator

The audit was very helpful in showing me a good breakdown of places that may have privacy issues attached to my brand.

Without this audit I would not have known about some of these accounts at all so even if I had done a manual audit of my accounts myself, these would have been missed, and any content on them that may be personal would be kept there forever.

I was pleased with the audit's results and agreed with the recommendations made, most of which I implemented immediately.