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We help protect your online identity & digital privacy.

We understand that only some people are as privacy-conscious as we are, which is why we're here to guide you through your privacy journey, one step at a time.

Establish your Risk Profile

Our initial baseline Objectives Interviews identify privacy goals and privacy risk tolerance of the individuals we work with.

We'll discuss your goals for the future, the nuances of their risk profile, and how enhancing their privacy can help them exceed their goals.

Understand your Online Presence

To understand the breadth of their information exposure and the current privacy posture of each individual, we conduct a complete Privacy Audit. We’ll collate everything we can find about the individual online from the public point of view. We’ll identify online accounts, posts, comments, information, and activity across several platforms.

Occasionally, we also find accounts relating to aliases that they use online. We’ll collate and chart these findings in a risk-ranked report and give contextual recommendations in light of their goals, risk tolerance, and forward-looking future risks from the Objectives Interview.

Bolster your Digital Privacy

Receiving insights into the status and scores of your privacy is one thing, and acting on our recommendations is another. We know the information we're dealing with can be daunting, but we're here to help.

We'll walk with you through your privacy journey step-by-step. We give both contextual insights and can help you make the updated configurations after the review meeting, walking through each configuration step-by-step.

Maintain your Privacy Long-term

To ensure your digital privacy posture remains robust post-audit, we diligently monitors your online presence. We keep an eye on how your risk profile evolves, and ensure your online presence stays in line with your risk appetite. We help you stay protected and in control of your digital presence long-term.

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Who we work with

Our clients are companies and private individuals who are commercially high-risk; at-risk because of who they are, what they do for a living, or the nature of the information they handle day-to-day.

Our work transcends any particular sector. We've fostered partnerships with clients across Financial Services, Politics, the Legal Sector, Venture Capital, Start-ups, and R&D.

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Privacy Guides

We supplement our services with straightforward, pragmatic privacy guides.

When used alongside our tailored services, you can comprehensively regain control over your online presence and digital privacy.
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How we help

Our expertise ensures confidential work, aligns online presence with professionalism, tailors strategies for complex risks, and empowers innovation. Trust us to fortify your identity in high-stakes domains, maintaining momentum in an evolving risk landscape.

Upholding Integrity & Trust

Safeguard your professional integrity and client trust. Our expert privacy consulting ensures your sensitive work remains confidential, maintaining the trust of both clients and your industry.

Managing Reputation

Identify the breadth of your online presence and shape your online identity with precision. We align your digital footprint with your profession, ensuring online content and profiles reflect your expertise, bolstering your reputation in an ever-watchful digital world.

Adaptive to Complex Risk

Our services are tailored for high-stakes sectors. From law to start-ups, our privacy consultancy adapts to intricate risk landscapes, offering personaliwed strategies to fortify your online identity in commercially high-risk domains.

Maintaining Innovation & Productivity

Elevate focus and productivity. By mitigating cyber risks, we enable you to channel energy where it matters. Our services deter digital disruptions, empowering innovation and maintaining your stride in a secure digital realm.