Protect your people
from cyber harm

Maintain employee online safety by efficiently triaging, investigating, and diffusing HR cases and complaints.

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We work side-by-side to effectively rebuild your team's online safety

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Identify cases of online harm, triage, and escalate or de-escalate cases.

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Efficiently collect, collate, and extract meaning from all the information and evidence.

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Ensure complaints find a clear and complete resolution for all parties.

Who we work with

We help teams that are commercially high-risk and at-risk because of the nature of their roles or the nature of the information they handle day-to-day.

In the past we've fostered partnerships across Entertainment, Financial Services, Politics, Legal Sector, Venture Capital, Start-ups, and R&D.

Our expertise

We understand that navigating and managing cases and complaints involving cyber harm is deeply complex. We're here to guide you through one step at a time to prevent, mitigate, or recover from cyber harm.

Identifying & crafting appropriate responses to cyber harm.

Our approach begins with accurately identifying the nature and scope of online threats, which is crucial for devising effective interventions. We specialize in interpreting the subtle nuances of online interactions that may escalate into harmful scenarios.

Once identified, we craft tailored responses that address the specific needs and contexts of each case. Our strategies not only aim to resolve the immediate issues but also educate and empower HR teams in managing similar challenges independently in the future.

From ambiguity to clarity, bringing efficiency to HR investigations.

We transform the often ambiguous nature of cyber harm complaints into clear, actionable insights. Our method involves streamlining the investigation process to quickly and accurately assess the situation.

This efficiency reduces downtime and the emotional toll on all parties, allowing your organization to maintain focus on its core operations while ensuring thorough attention to the complaint.

Finding effective resolutions for all parties involved.

Our goal is to achieve resolutions that not only address the complaint but also restore harmony within the team and wider organization. We facilitate dialogue, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

This inclusive approach helps in crafting outcomes that are equitable and sustainable, thereby preventing recurrence and promoting a safer workplace environment.

Resilience and Hardening: Strengthening against harm going forward.

Building resilience against future cyber harm is a key component of our services. We provide training and resources to HR teams, enhancing their ability to anticipate, recognize, and respond to online threats proactively.

Our strategies are designed to fortify your organization’s defenses, minimizing vulnerabilities and equipping your team with the knowledge and tools to maintain a secure online environment.

Upholding the safety, integrity, and reputation of your organization.

Preserving the integrity and reputation of your organization is paramount. We ensure that every step taken in managing cyber harm is aligned upholds your ethical standards and contributes positively to your corporate values.

By upholding safety and integrity, we help reinforce public and internal confidence in your organization's commitment to a respectful and secure workplace.

Let's work

We're here to help you maintain your teammates' online safety. Check out our posts, dive into our resources, and reach out if you have any questions or want to work together.

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We understand that protecting your team from cyber harm is deeply complex. We're here to guide you through one step at a time.


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