We're on a mission to help you gain control of your online identity.


Experiencing cyber harm can be deeply unsettling, impacting your personal life, health, productivity, and career. While completely disconnecting isn't a feasible option for most, finding a balance between an open digital presence and minimised cyber risk is essential.

We're figuring out how to strike this balance - to help you manage your digital footprint effectively and on your terms.

We are developing a tool that not only enhances your online safety but also empowers you to confidently navigate the digital world. Our aim is to provide you with the best of both worlds: a vibrant digital life with reduced cyber harm.

Digital Footprint Management

It’s hard to keep tabs on our digital footprint. With the numerous accounts and sites that we touch, we lose sight of what's out there on the internet about ourselves. We make it easier for you to navigate and control what information you put out into the world.

Cyber Harm Incident Logging

When it comes to cyber harm, it can be hard to understand and navigate what to do. In these situations, we help you document and record incidents, so that you can take action when necessary to stay safe effectively.


Long-term personal safety is vital. Our service ensures continuous monitoring of your online presence, whether you're preparing, responding to an incident, or recovering. Stay safe, informed, and ready to act quickly.